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Hiring an electrician for home remodeling is a common and smart decision. Electrical work can be complex and requires a certain level of expertise to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes.

Electrician for Home Remodeling

Remember that hiring a licensed and experienced electrician is an investment in the safety and functionality of your home. Taking the time to find the right professional can save you both time and money in the long run.

Remember, electrical work can be dangerous!

It is best to consult with a qualified electrician for complex issues or if you’re unsure about the nature of the problem. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help prevent electrical issues before they occur. Contact Timme Electric for all of your electrical issues.

Timme Electric, Residential Electricians in Southern Colorado

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Our Capabilities Include:

Lighting additions or upgrades​
Lighting retrofitting to LED
Ceiling fan installation
Repairing or troubleshooting various electrical problems
Wiring for new equipment or appliances
Install a roto-phase or phase generator
Install / service whole house surge suppression
Electric heat for homes, shops, and businesses
Panel and meter upgrades & replacement
Power to sheds or outbuildings
Locating, fault-finding, & repair of existing underground wires
Lighting control systems
Hot tub circuits & RV outlets
Tenant finishes wiring for commercial occupancies
Transfer switches & generator wiring